Dear Yogi/nis,

Forty years of Ashtanga practice with the priceless gifts that come from this discipline embraced through love is the motivation that keeps me on this yoga path.Due to  “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”, I will be teaching near Dublin, Ireland the 21-25, 2016.  It’s a great opportunity to receive plenty of attention, as the Mysore classes will be limited to 15 people.  And the added bonus is the view from the shala.  This is my first time teaching here, and I look forward to meeting more of the Ashtanga family.

I will be teaching in Florianopolis, Brazil for the 4th time this year in October 2016.  Kaka of Samastiti yoga has a wonderful venue with healthy lunch provided after the workshop and the lovliest community of Ashtangis.  I am teaching here later than previous years, and the weather will be warmer encouraging beach and ocean activities.  I love coming to the small town of Lagoa located on the lagoon.  It is charming, relaxed and safe.
 I will teach a 5 day workshop beginning with Morning Ashtanga Oct 9-14th followed by an hour clinic with topics including breath, bandhas, alignment, philosophy and personal musings from the mat.  The following two weeks, I will teach morning Mysore.  Kaka assured me that the Zika virus is a non-issue there.
Following my teaching in Florianopolis, I will join Andrea Palma of Casa Rosa shala in Sao Paulo in the  pristine Mantiquierra Mountains at Lila Farm November 2-6, 2016 for morning Mysore classes, pranayama, meditation, theoretical and alignment clinics.  We will complete the retreat with a sweat lodge completing and deepening the retreat with this Shamanic purification journey.  We went to the Lila farm last year and were treated to wonderful accomodations and food in this quiet, mountain retreat of unsurpassed beauty.  Andrea also assured me that the Zika virus is a non-issue there as well.  The dollar is very strong against the Brazilian real, so it is a great opportunity to travel there.
On top of all the other reasons to come, the warmth, vitality and joy of the Brazilian yogis is a gift.

In Spring 2016 I had a very special European tour.  I was moved to share again with friends/students and to meet new ones. I feel very blessed to teach yoga and connect with so many lovely people.

While there I saw many refugees and the room being made for them. To return home to the USA with Britain voting to leave the EU has huge ramifications for everyone. We are living in dynamic times.

Once again I return to my practice, grateful for the grace that this is my path. Facing myself, doing my own work for inner peace and sharing this with others is very timely now.



Spring 2017 Teaching Dates:

May 5-7, 2016: Koln, Germany

The enthusiasm and warmth of the students and Anja and Katarina of Ashtanga Connection is a great welcome.

May 12-18, 2016: Luxembourg

I returned to Luxembourg for my sixth visit this year and love connecting with returning students there. Le Source Yoga has a beautiful new shala to host students.

Denise and Fredrick are dedicated teachers who share their love of yoga and teaching everyday. I will be returning there the week end of the 12-14th May and Morning Mysore the 15-18 May.

May 19-21: Prague, CZ

If you live near Prague, Czech Republic, and would like to come there, I will be teaching there as well the weekend of May 19-21.   Akasha studio.
I will be returning to Scotland for two weeks next year end of May, beginning of June for two weeks. It is the most harmonious place I have been and taught. I encourage you to plan in advance to come there if possible, as it supports our renewal and deepening to truth. We were all glowing by the end of our time together. We also had eight days of sunny, warm weather, while the Seine and Germany’s rivers overflowed.

For the first time I will be teaching in Dorset, England in June of 2017. Details forthcoming.

I look forward to connecting with current friends and new this upcoming year.

Namaste, Kathy

May you be showered with grace on your journey.
To contact me write:   kathycooperyoga@icloud.com

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