Dear yogi/nis,

The dark is increasing daily as the year heads to its close.  Having just returned from five weeks in Brazil, where Spring jumped ahead, coming back to shortening days and cool temperatures has been a strong experience.

As I missed the frenzied last month of the campaign, I  arrived to a new president-elect, which surprised me very much.  The outcome calls on me to see this event with as broad a vision as possible and to work for the good in my purview.

This is my 5th year teaching in Brazil and the spirit and warmth and dedication of the students inspire me very much.  For the first time I attended great musical venues in homes and enjoyed their joyful gatherings immensely.  Brazil is physically beautiful and teaching on the peninsula of Florianopolis and the Mantiqueira Mountains were deeply nourishing for our practices and beings.

I will be returning to South America in March, 2017, teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the first time March 1-4th at Ashtanga Baires.  From there I go to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I will teach for 3 weeks starting March 6th.  Casa Rosa is a private home in a lovely area, with shops and restaurants within walking distance.  If you’ve wanted to visit Brazil, it is a great starting place.  Ashtanga yoga is popular in many regions of this large country.  And many of the yogi/nis speak English.

In May 2017 I return to Europe for two months of workshops.  I will be returning to Luxembourg, Koln, Prague, Scotland and Ireland.  Additionally I will be teaching in Dorsett, England.  I hope to see you somewhere on the yoga trail.  View the dates below.  Feel free to contact me or go directly to the yoga schools for details.

I honor your inner work on the mat, enabling you to be spacious and clear in daily life.

Blessings on your lives, Kathy

To contact me write:   kathycooperyoga@icloud.com


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