Dear Yogi/nis,
Some special events are coming in March. Dena Kingsburg and Scott Johnson are joining the Bali Conference March 10-16. It is a gathering of senior teachers with many years experience. I highly recommend coming and receiving hands on assistance & insights gleaned from all these dedicated teachers.

If you have time and opportunity I encourage you to come to Purple Valley for two weeks with me end of March for a deepening of practice with plenty of time to receive and integrate teachings from over 42 years of personal practice and years teaching. Jacob
Handwerker will be assisting me. We have worked together over a ten year period and value our connection. I will be teaching afternoon classes and Jacob will add to the richness of these offerings.

This practice continues to be relevatory in my life, and I love to offer insights personal to your practice that
supports a safe and sustainable journey of discovery & healing.

Joyful Blessings,



Dear Yogi/nis,

With the changing weather and winter approaching, I want to highlight the upcoming workshop opportunities to explore as you plan for the coming year.

This Spring there is a 6 day workshop with many senior teachers in this tradition.  I strongly recommend this opportunity to deepen your practice with the wisdom and insights of senior teachers who have been practicing continuously for many decades.  As well as the experience gained from teaching for many years is the inner transformation and development of our minds and hearts.  I look forward to gathering with all of you in this venue on the gorgeous island of Bali.

For those of you interested to dive into practice in Purple Valley in Goa, you have the choice of one or two weeks at the end of March.  I have been told this is a wonderful time to experience India when it is less crowded and to have the time to release the stresses and busyness of modern life and to breathe deeply in this beautifully supportive retreat center.

I have found that a calm focus is supported by immersing oneself in practice away from all the demands of everyday life.  This cultivation of presence, surrendering to the moment is key to opening and letting go.

Please note the workshops I will be leading in Europe beginning the end of April in Bologna, Italy. 

It is my sincere intention to give you insight into your practice to support your flowing effortlessly on the breath like autumn wind picking up leaves.



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