Dear Yogi/nis,
The New Year is challenging us to wake up to what is showing itself and seek a deeper, truer more sustainable way. I see our planet groaning from the huge population of the earth, and many governments pushing/pulling between freedom and dictatorships. There is no question that love is the way forward.

I heard beautiful, insightful words from Paul Lynch, the author of The Prophet Song. I think silence is the solution to the moment we’re in. This is the teaching of the first sutra of Patanjali. 

Last year was the first time I traveled and taught since Covid, and I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. This year I do not have any workshops scheduled. A month in Brazil in October is on the horizon. I’ll keep you posted.

This Ashtanga yoga journey of mine is shifting focus. Whereas for many years I practiced flowing on the breath and bandhas, coming away refreshed, now I find my practice less focused on that form of practice and more one of maintenance. I change my practice around now, which is new in the last 3 years. I swim most days which I love and find that it nourishes me and fulfills much that my yoga practice has done in the past.

I still practice pranayama and am exploring a different meditation practice. I also am beginning another round of exploring what yoga is at this time of my life. I have been taking The Path with Peg Mulqueen for the past 2 years and will again this coming year. I am finding the questions and my interests & where this practice has brought me to at this time. There is another generation of teachers who have largely taken on the mantle of teaching. I still enjoy teaching, and feel that my focus on inner/outer alignment supports our practices to be safe and support the flow of prana. 

I find that I am in a different cycle, as the sutras express, Here/Now begins the teaching of yoga. Each circular cycle of this practice has taken me deeper into this practice that has met me in my life at each stage.  

Sending you loving blessings this coming year. As you practice you are part of the positive solution needed in our world.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Kathy Cooper

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