Dear Yogis and yoginis,

Summer is upon us with its glorious breathing out with all the fruits and gifts of nature at this time~

I returned refreshed from a nourishing teaching trip in Europe.  Arriving May 1st I was met with warm weather and it remained throughout my trip.  It was like being in California.  It definitely supports openness to be warm!  One of the blessings of traveling is reconnecting with students and friends and meeting new ones.  I am touched humbled and gratified by the many yogi/nis doing the good work, practicing this discipline of yoga, addressing themselves and their inner work on their mats and beyond, cultivating that which recognizes our oneness and leads to our subsequent actions in the world. 

I’m very excited to announce my participation in the Ashtanga Yoga Bali International Conference next March.  There are 8 respected and experienced teachers coming whose success is grounded in the care and wisdom they share with their students.  There will be workshops given by each teacher sharing their depth of knowledge and insights, as well as Mysore practice each day with all teachers in attendance. 

The end of March I will be teaching in Goa at Purple Valley for two weeks.  My longtime assistant Jacob Handwerker will be assisting me.  This is a revered venue for Ashtangis, with amenities to nourish us as a deepening of practice occurs in this harmonious environment.  On top of this, this all occurs in India, which is colorful, enriching and the home of yoga.  Check out the website for details. 

Wishing you peace, harmony and joy. 



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