Winter 2021-22

Dear Yoginis & Yogis,

Blessings to all of you during this season of the return of the light. May we find our way forward into our lives of health freedom this new year.

Twice in 2021 I participated in online conferences, first,“Women in Ashtanga” zoom conference with Adam Keen and Harmony Slater moderating. Second, a podcast with Ashtanga Dispatch moderated by Meg and Peg. Both were so nourishing for me as a yogini honored to share my experiences and to connect with other like-minded yogi/nis on the path. It is my heart’s desire for us to gather once again. Some possibilities to teach have arisen, but the uncertainty of the times have prevailed.

For now I feel fortunate to have my practice to embrace. I trust you have found your way to participate in online classes & some live classes.

Wishing everyone abundant health and positive growth in 2022. 

Love & Joy,


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