Dear Yogi/nis,

Spring is springing in Northern California in between the rainstorms.  The hills are green and trees are blossoming.  We have over 200 % of the historic average of snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I was in NYC last week experiencing glorious weather for all the fun activities we participated in.  I leave for Buenos Aires in two days for a month of hot, summer weather.
The best thing that can be said of the Trump administration so far is that people are waking up and paying attention to actively support our rights under our constitution, as we appear to be under siege.  I rest in my practices to support inner peace and clarity in these extraordinary times.  I am eternally grateful for my Ashtanga yoga practice and blessed by health and harmony, a few of the lovely residues of long time practice.

This is my 5th year teaching in Brazil and the spirit and warmth and dedication of the students inspire me very much.  For the first time I attended great musical venues in homes and enjoyed their joyful gatherings immensely.  Brazil is physically beautiful and teaching on the peninsula of Florianopolis and the Mantiqueira Mountains were deeply nourishing for our practices and beings.

I will be returning to South America in March, 2017, teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the first time March 1-4th at Ashtanga Baires.  From there I go to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I will teach for 3 weeks starting March 6th.  Casa Rosa is a private home in a lovely area, with shops and restaurants within walking distance.  If you’ve wanted to visit Brazil, it is a great starting place.  Ashtanga yoga is popular in many regions of this large country.  And many of the yogi/nis speak English.


In May 2017 I return to Europe for two months of workshops.  I will be returning to Luxembourg, Koln, Prague, Scotland and Ireland.  Additionally I will be teaching in Dorsett, England.  I hope to see you somewhere on the yoga trail.  View the dates below.  Feel free to contact me or go directly to the yoga schools for details.

I honor your inner work on the mat, enabling you to be spacious and clear in daily life.

Blessings on your lives, Kathy

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